What Is a DUI or DWI? A DUI is a legal term for a specific offense, driving under the influence. The abbreviation DWI typically means driving while intoxicated. A DUI or DWI may be related not only to alcohol, but also to drugs, both legal and illegal. Some non-prescription drugs may fall in this category. […]

DUI accidents

It is important that your DUI lawyer immediately carry out a full investigation of the accident, including: Photos from the scene Interview witnesses and statements The results of the breathalyzer and field sobriety test on site Recording / tape of 911 A full copy of the court record of drunk driver, to safeguard all the […]

Driving drunk

When the accident is the fault of a drunk driver, the case has potential for greater value and juries tend to award higher damages if the other driver was drunk. Drunk drivers may have a history of drunk driving in driving past and drunk can make a claim for any punitive damages. These are damages […]