Traffic violations

Usually, people think they can give to handling traffic violations without attorney representation. It may seem expensive to hire a lawyer, certainly is the more money you save. Fines and offenses on their record increase insurance premiums and in some cases may be suspended driver’s license. Each traffic violation is a different case with specific […]

Under 21 DUI Lawyer

I-under21duinewFor drivers age 21 or older, driving with blood alcohol content (BAC) level above .08 can result in a DUI. For drivers under the age of 21, the BAC level is .02 or above. An individual under the age of 21 could be charged with DUI after consuming the slightest amount of alcohol. Even more […]

The true cost of a DUI conviction

The charges of driving under the influence of alcohol are among the most commonly faced in the US If you have been falsely accused of this crime, or know that you made a mistake, you need to be aware of all aspects of your case so that you have the best chance of getting their […]


If you are under 21 years of age, and if convicted of a first DUI offense, in addition to any DMV action, you are facing the following criminal court sentence: Five years of informal or “summary” probation. There is no probation officer involved; you are on probation to the court. You are ordered not to […]

What is a felony?

Under the law, different systems for classifying crimes facilitate the efficient administration of criminal justice. Generally, offenses ranging from minor offenses to crimes in the first degree or capital punishment, On a scale of seriousness of the crime, serious crimes are more serious than ordinary crimes, but unless major crimes. This distinction is important because […]

Tips from the specialist lawyer for criminal law

Criminal proceedings are a burdensome and unpleasant matter. Who likes to interact with the police? For those affected, it is very important not to make mistakes and to keep calm. In the following, we would like to share with you from our many years of experience the # 5 most important advices from the Specialist […]

What is the profile of a trial lawyer?

A litigating lawyer is the legal professional specialized in legal defense in judicial or administrative processes. A litigation is what is called the lawsuits and disputes brought to trial. Therefore, a litigating lawyer is one who specializes in resolving these conflicts, on behalf of a person or organization. Your task is not only to defend […]


What Is a DUI or DWI? A DUI is a legal term for a specific offense, driving under the influence. The abbreviation DWI typically means driving while intoxicated. A DUI or DWI may be related not only to alcohol, but also to drugs, both legal and illegal. Some non-prescription drugs may fall in this category. […]