Rules for building a chimney cannon

The space between the stove or fireplace and the fireplace houses the chimney tube. In order for the smoke to pass efficiently through the barrel in the pipe that connects to the chimney and into the open air, it has to be constructed with the correct size and configuration to create a strong current of […]

How to use the chimney flue pipe

A flue is the channel in which channels the smoke and can dissipate through an opening in the roof. When you enjoy a fire in your home, you must have an open fireplace to allow carbon monoxide exhaust. The damper, which is a couple of doors of steel joined by hinges, controls the opening and […]

How to put out a chimney fire with salt

Fireplace fires can become a problem as well as those occurring in wood stoves. These fires often occur as a result of the creosote buildup of burnt wood. This tar-like substance is extremely flammable and only takes a light touch with a flame to ignite. When a fire begins in the fireplace, it may be […]

How to clean soot from a brick chimney

The fireplace not only serves as a source of heat but also to decorate the house, but soot stains can look very bad. The stains can leave a horrible black stain on the brick, but fortunately it is not as permanent as it seems. There are several very effective ways to eliminate it. Instructions: Press […]

How to clean a fireplace with stone setting

A fireplace with stone surrounds can make a room feel cozy and comfortable, but inevitably the stones will begin to darken by the soot and smoke. The task of cleaning the moderately rough stones that around your fireplace requires some potent chemicals to restore the color, so please goggles and gloves to avoid injury and […]

What is elder care?

Caring for the elderly is health and personal care that is designed specifically for seniors. The level of care for the elderly varies from a live-in facility serving the elderly with special day nurse who cares for the older patients for a few hours every day. Since the elderly are prone to special health problems, […]

The best activities for seniors

Aging does not have to mean boredom and inactivity. Seniors can participate in many activities that are physically, socially and psychologically beneficial. Even if your parent or loved one is suffering from deteriorating health, encourage him to try a new activity. You may discover that finding a new passion is the best medicine for your […]